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Wash the plant in a 2% solution of Eutrofit before transplanting it.
There will be an excellent result when applying it through the sprinkler weekly.

The utilization of EUTROFIT in nurseries has been a topic of great interest. SPRAY directly on the seedlings a solution of 0.5 to 1% every fifteen days, allowing the excess to drip to the soil. EUTROFIT acts upon the root and seedling's structure, bringing improvements to this new phase soon after it has been transplanted. A thicker plant will develop a greater resistance in the beginning against stress and other disease, especially if compared with fruit trees, fresh garden produce, and others such as the barbatelle that will show a notable advantage when submerging them for approximately 20 minutes in a 1% EUTROFIT solution to then carry on with the treatments as indicated, associating it possibly with other cure products.



The utilization of EUTROFIT on new plantations can be done through the root and leaves. Both the systems help to lower the stress from being transplanted and bring a faster and homogenous adaptation to its new condition.


Apply 20 to 30 kilograms per square meter.
Apply to the peat.

  • Improve the homogeneity of the plant.
  • Improve resistance.
  • Improve the germination and the resistance of the plants.