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Apply at a concentration of 3 to 4% via the leaves, wash the plants during one minute in a Eutrofit 3% solution before transplanting it.

Apply 2 kilograms per cubic meter of peat.

  • Increase the resistance to hail and frost.
  • Improve the resistance of the plant after it is cut.
  • Intensify the color of the flower.
  • Increase the plant's turgidity and consistence.
  • Increase the resistance to disease.
Flowers, vases, aromatic plants, and talee

a) Supply by the leaves:
EUTROFIT can be applied to the leaf with a 1% concentration beginning with the talee and repeating every 15-20 days.

b) Supply by the root:
For the maintenance fertilization, a 0.2 to 0.5% concentration will be applied to the water of the sprinkler. For specific plant needs, it is possible to increase the concentration to 1 or 1.5% in the sprinkler water.

If it is not possible to calculate the quantity of water supplied, make sure that 1 kilogram of EUTROFIT is applied for every 1,000 m².