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Apply 30 kilograms per hectare divided into 5 or 6 doses:

  • One of 300 grams per hectoliter of water in the fall after removing the dry plants.
  • An advance of 300 grams per hectoliter of water in the spring along with the treatments against gray spots and rust.
  • Two or three of 300 grams per hectoliter of water in the beginning of the summer.
  • One of 200 grams per hectoliter of water at the end of summer, associated with the treatments for ziram and copper.

It is applied partially with the fertilizer in the autumn or replacing the animal fertilizer partially or totally together with the normal application of phosphorous.

The application in the spring is done with potassium in doses of 50 kilograms per hectare.

  • Increase the yield per hectare.
  • Increase the size and to enhance the color of the stalk
  • Increase the resistance to transportation
  • Increase the post-harvest duration.
  • Improve the organoleptic characteristics.
  • Make the harvest uniform.


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